THE NEWS TODAY - September 1, 2016

 Just Signed Off Grand Celebration

Palm Bay, Florida (AP) I've just signed off The Grand Celebration in W. Palm Beach and am glad to be back on land. It was good playing in a band again instead of solo. It's easier in a way playing in a band. You don't have to do everything! The paychecks were nice too. And now that I have a few dollars back in the bank I can get back to my music, as opposed to playing other people's music. It's not all bad though, playing OPM. Even if you're playing OPM it contributes greatly to your performing experience. I have a project that I want to get back to writing and now I'll have the time. And those projects listed below in another article as "stalled" can be started again.

New Release!  "Lines In Space"      

Melbourne, Florida (AP) Tom Vincent's new CD "Lines In Space" has been released. Recorded in 1995, it is a recording of instrumental guitar pieces which were inspired by the sights and ideas of outer space. Played on an electric guitar as opposed to an acoustic, to more accurately remind  you of space. " When I play an acoustic guitar", he said, "I think of earth, woods, land. So I thought it would be appropriate to use an electric, which I think of as more akin to electricity of course, vibrations, waves etc. You know, space!" It has been newly mixed, remastered and has new artwork. Dave Anderson of Saxon Recording in Rochester, NY, said it is one of his top five favorite recordings that he has done in 30 years of running his studio. Tom says,"Turn the lights off, put this on and drift off into space. It's a good idea to get off of this planet once in awhile!" Listen to samples on the audio page and you can download the first cut "Spanish Space" for free. Also, there will be a video of this track on youtube soon.



Next Projects Stalled

 (AP) Tom Vincent said today that he has not been writing as he wanted to this summer. "I had too many distractions in NY this past six months. I'm looking forward to getting back to Florida where I can get more work done. I know too many people in NY!", he said, kind of chuckling. The next three projects are tentatively called-

      "Dead Man's Trail" Has been finished!! When it gets recorded is another thing.

       "Buddhist Monk Vs. Secret Agent"  -  this project will have three songs or pieces. Song #1 has been finished "Secret Agent". Next up "Buddhist Monk". Then the last piece which will be difficult, melding them together.

       "Springtime In Portugal" can begin once I get a piano where I'm staying!

     I've finished writing "Guitar Suite #5" as of last week (Feb. 15, 2015). Along with "Guitar Suite #4" which was completed last year, I'm hoping to record Vol. 2 of my "Have Guitar, Will Travel"  series sometime this year. (Feb. 22)

    (That didn't happen. I'll try again this year - 2016)


 New Equipment

Melbourne, FL (TVP)  Tom Vincent announced today that he has bought a top of the line Bose PA System for his solo gigs. "Easy to carry, even easier to set up which saves your energy for your actual singing and playing. I love science!!!!!"


 What's Your Favorite Song To Play Tom?

Rochester, NY. (AP) Tom Vincent said in an interview today, he was always asked when playing in the piano bar, what's your favorite song to play? He said that, "I wish I had known this song before, because this is what I would have played. It's from the Dean Martin spy spoof, "Murderers Row", where he plays secret agent, Matt Helm. I was watching it a while back, and said to myself, `that's a song I should know!' For me, it is 50% serious and 50% just a joke. Well, maybe 51% serious since those last two verses are mine. I was going to go into the studio and make a live video,  but I ended up just sitting at my El Cheapo keyboard and filmed it with my El Cheapo camera and converted it to an mp3. I use my money for my real  music. So now folks, here is a real honest to goodness bachelor singing this song, instead of a married actor just playing the part." (The bells you here at the beginning is the church next door. Perfect timing!)


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