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ROCK  -   Tom Vincent's new release, A Soldier's Report, has Brit-pop written all over it, despite its Upstate New York roots. Vincent's voice is soft, with a resonating pleasantness  that compliments his proficiency on virtually every instrument and the impact of his thoughtful, fluid lyrics. Most of the tunes sound lighthearted, even whimsical in spots, but there is clearly an underlying sadness in it all. It's bittersweet, it's beautiful.

               Vincent is a fabulous songwriter who paints insightful pictures with an epic weight and melancholy. It is no doubt, a labor of love; perhaps even an exorcizing of various demons. It's enthralling and engaging. I can't recommend this record enough.

                  Tom Vincent plays a CD release show for A Soldier's Report on Thursday, June 5, at The Old Toad, 277 Alexander St. from 8:30-10pm. Free. 232-2626 


Freetime Magazine (Rochester, NY)

.....Tom Vincent   dropped off his new double CD, "A Soldier's Report", which impressed all of us at the office. Vincent keeps quite busy playing guitar/keyboards and singing for very popular local band, Inside Out.  But he found time to put together these 29 songs that chronicle a "series of feelings," according to Vincent. And indeed they do, wrapped up in a  Beatles-esque vibe. Vincent sounds like a beautiful combination of McCartney and Lennon, and his tunes are directly influenced, but become his own with the heartfelt lyricism and inspired guitar skills he exudes. One of my favorite tracks, "All In One Day Blues" showcases the melancholy, yet there is a lot of hopefulness here as well. Here Vincent yourself as he makes a rare solo appearance in celebrating the release of his CD at the Old Toad on Thursday, June 5th from 8:30- 10:00 pm.         

Freetime Magazine (Rochester, NY)

It's always sad to say goodbye to great local talent, so when Tom Vincent  informed us of his impending move to Virginia Beach, we were all saddened. Vincent has been impressing area fans for years with local band, Inside Out, as well as in a solo capacity.Vincent is currently working on a new release, and we were lucky enough to get an advance listen to the demo.Wearing his Beatles' influences on his sleeve, Vincent's vocal/guitar abilities shine brightly on these self-penned tracks, many which relate to leaving. The heartwrenching, "I Cried All The Way To Virginia" and "Summer On Park Ave." are perfect examples sung on acoustic guitar with a raw disposition. Experience one of Vincent's last area performances when he plays at Earthtones Coffee House on October 15th, and on Sat. October 18th at Norton's with Inside Out. We wish Tom the  best in his pursuit of more music opportunities.

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