Words Without Music

              Down To Earth

No Christians, No Muslims, No Jews

What a peaceful world this would be

Without them and their views

So much blood, two thousand years long

Isn't it plain to see by now, something is inherently wrong

Down to earth, I came long ago

The love of wisdom I was happy to know

Philosophies in many different pages found

From men and women, who've walked on this earth

As I do now

I've written a book says a fellow man

It's what I've thought, thinking the best I can

Read it if you like, then put it aside

Pick up someone else's, and make your vision wide

 You don't agree with what I say?

 Have no fear, I won't be coming your way

I won't be coming your way, with knife, bomb or gun

For I am not insecure, and I don't need a "club" to run

Goodbye Jesus, Goodbye Mohammed, Goodbye Moses

How healthy it feels for me and mine to say, your Bible, your Koran, your Torah

No longer throws us



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