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My guitar back home - in the woods.

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Tom Vincent - Singer/Songwriter - guitar,piano,bass and percussion

Brief Bio

Started playing guitar at the age of 20 after I realized I wasn't going to be a Major League Baseball Player. So I spent my youth outside playing ball with my buddies (which was way better than staying inside and playing the piano like a sissy!) Was the number one pitcher on almost every team I played with throughout Little League, Senior League, High School and American Legion. When I was cut from the Community College I went to ( which was number 9 in the country that year), that was the end of baseball for me and a few months later I bought a guitar. From being Mr. Sports, I quickly became Mr. Music. Haven't followed sports since.

Played in many bands and as a soloist in my 20's and 30's. Played in a Beatles Tribute Band. First recording in 1994 with "Two Days". Also started playing piano around this time. Recorded "Lines In Space" in 1995. Finished up "A Soldier's Report" in 2003 and a year later was on a cruise ship playing bass and guitar in a band, and of course, lead singing. Did that for a few years, took a break in 2007 to finish up "Things To Do, Places To Go" and came back on cruise ships in 2008 as a solo performer in the piano bar. Did that until April 2013 and took a break again to finish up two more original works and package them, re-package the cd's mentioned above and have just about finished writing my next project.

Since finishing up those projects, I have been staying on land and playing solo gigs and with bands and of course writing more and as you can see on my front page, the projects I hope to be recording in the future.